The Wood Cutters’ Deity. This is a fairy tale-ish story about the death and birth of gods, and ultimately the burden of godhood. It won second place in Writers of the Future Contest 2nd Quarter 2016 and is upcoming in Writers of the Future Volume 33 (2017).

Sing Me a Song. A little girl finally discovers why her mother warned her to never sing. She thought it was because her voice was pathetic. Turns out it wasn’t. This rural African fantasy short story is upcoming at Lamplight Magazine.

The Coffin Maker’s Son. This is a story about love, marriage, death, and the difference between coffins and caskets. It is upcoming at Space & Time Magazine.

The Worst Breed of Vultures. Most of the beta readers for this story classified it as gut-wrenching and brutal. The speculative elements in it are subjective and cultural. So unlike my other work, this isn’t a fantasy story. It’s mainstream, but dark. It’s upcoming at Bourbon Penn.

The SoullessThis is a fantasy short story that blurs the line between science and magic. It appeared in Strangelet Journal (September 2016).

Psychopathic is Good. This is a flash fiction that hints at those nasty childish habits we fail to outgrow, and it is upcoming at Stupeying Stories Showcase.

The Mama Mmiri, a story of a bereaved brother facing a hungry river spirit, appeared in Beneath Ceaseless skies. The podcast is also at BCS (January 2016).

The Diamond FishThis is a mystical short story about a boy and his encounter with a magical fish. It appeared in The Literary Hatchet (August 2014).

Reprinted in Myriad Lands Anthology, Volume 1 (July 2016).

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