About Walter



Walter Dinjos is Nigerian. A Writers of the Future winner. And a runner-up in The Writers Bureau’s Writer of the Year 2017 Award.

He loves singing and songwriting as much as he loves fiction writing. In fact, music was his first love. As a non-native English speaker, he had sufficient apathy for writing in English, until 2010 when he indulged a misinformed idea to write a novel to raise money for the production of his music.

It took him six months to realize two truths. One, his money-raising scheme was colossally flawed; making money through writing is tedious. Two, despite the dismal rejection letters and a few other unsuccessful publishing attempts, he had found too much fulfillment in writing to quit.

So he enrolled in the Writers Bureau’s Comprehensive Creative Writing course.

Now, his short stories are resident in Writers of the Future Volume #33, Beneath Ceaseless SkiesDeep Magic, Galaxy’s Edge, Lamplight, and elsewhere. His poems have appeared in three The Literary Hatchet issues, and he hopes to portray the peculiar beauty of Nigerian cultures through his writing.

When he finds time away from his day job, he plots his science fantasy novel. Either that or he explores the means (both scientific and magical) of attaining immortality. If you happen upon a medical remedy or a spell, please contact him.